Smile makeover

This patient has been bullied at work and is suffering from depression and bulimia. She is embarrassed with her teeth because of their colour and appearance. She is referred to improve her smile and for the management of dental erosion and attrition. She was very emotional during consultation and is motivated to achieve the ideal outcome.

She has financial limitations and is aware that her treatment is complex. To achieve the best long-term aesthetically pleasing outcome, she prefers to receive crown restorations. Teeth 14-24, 44-34 are most severely affected, where her molars are minimally affected.

This case was first waxed-up extra-orally to assess the amount of posterior open-bite.

This information was then transferred intra-orally via a putty key stent using bis-acryl resin. Aesthetic, functional and comfort parameters were confirmed. Upon review, the patient is able to demonstrate excellent oral hygiene and is looking forward to the next stage of treatment.

Approximately 1 year later, the posterior dentition became in contact. Due to financial limitation, she would like to proceed with definitive restorations of her maxillary arch first. Teeth 14-24 were prepared for crown restorations, which were constructed, tried-in and issued.

She is most happy with the final outcome and would like to complete the same treatment for her mandibular dentition in due course. With her new smile, she has regained her confidence at work and socially.