Innovation Technology

We owe it to our patients and ourselves to investigate all new tools, equipment and procedures that could possibly improve the accuracy of our assessments and surgical outcomes.

At Chatswood Dental Specialists

We Are Clinical Educators

We teach what instruments and techniques best accomplish optimum clinical results and, therefore, we are at the pioneering forefront of innovation in our own practice. 

A case in point of such innovation

Morita Veraview Cone Beam CT Scan

One of the most advanced, low X-ray dose CBCT scans currently on the market! For our patients’ convenience, we x-ray and check their scan inhouse, saving them the time and expense of going to a radiology centre.


Innovative Practice

We are committed to investing in the latest technologies and utilizing scientific advances in our practice, which include, but are not limited to, CT scan, microscope, laser, airflow devices, piezoelectric surgery tools, guided implant surgery and guided Endodontic surgery.

Gemini Laser

The operating microscope 

Digital smile design

The piezotome for endodontic and periodontal surgical procedures

Prosthetically driven guided implant surgery

the sophisticated, serene

Calming Environment

Created through the purposeful interior design of our practice, it is based on the premise that our living and work spaces affect our lives. A white-grey marble and light walnut palette dotted with warm charcoal fabric and a modern mix of metals and glass creates a vibrant high-tech lobby and work spaces. We are proud of achieving this balance and harmony and invite you to come in and enjoy a warm welcome from our staff.

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