It’s essential to me that my patients receive the very best in dental treatment, so for cases outside my scope I have confidence that the team at Chatswood Dental Specialist will provide outstanding treatment and care. I have worked with Drs Lee and Rahimi for over a decade and I am consistently impressed by their knowledge, skill and ethics. I highly recommend their practice to anyone seeking high quality dental specialist results.

Dr Ann Tin, BDS

Like the Three Musketeers, Dr Lee, Dr Rahimi & Dr Mellati had joined forces to provide a multi-disciplinary approach for optimal patient care if needed, with the Individual Specialist knowledge & experience, at the new ultra modern state of the art Practice in Chatswood. All of our referred patients, who have been seeing the Specialists, were very happy with the treatment, outcome and caring nature service.

Dr Lawrence Nguyen, BDS

Chatswood Dental Specialists possesses all the qualities expected from a professional specialist centre. They are knowledgeable, caring of my patients, approachable and easy to communicate with. We do have numerous patients who are grateful from the treatments provided for them by Dr Mellati, Dr Rahimi and Dr Lee.

Dr Nick Nabavi, DDS

Principal Dentist , Paddington Dentistry

I started treatment with Chatswood Dental Specialists following a traumatic bike accident. I thought I would never smile again due to my fractured teeth. From start to finish, the management of my case by the team at CDS was very comprehensive and professional.

Due to the severity and broad involvement of my dental trauma, a multidisciplinary approach was required. Having the three specialists working together assured that I had the best treatment that could be provided.

As a final year dental student, I can deeply appreciate the expertise required in the management of a complex case. I am beyond ecstatic with the result and would recommend these extremely skilled specialists without hesitation. Without their treatment, I would not be able to freely smile with the restored confidence they have helped me regain.

Richard Lem

Final Year Dental Student

What I love about referring to Drs Mehdi Rahimi, Ben Lee and Ehsan Mellati is that when my patients come back to me for their continued care, they are always grateful to me for the referral. At Chatswood Dental Specialists, not only is the quality of specialist dentistry above par, there is also the added convenience of an in-house Cone beam CT scan at a handy Chatswood location. But above all, there is peace of mind for me, and convenience for my busy patients, to know that the centre they’re being referred to has a renowned specialist in endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics all under one roof.

Dr Ben Shababi

Gladesville Gentle Dental

As a local dentist for over 20 years, I only refer my patients to specialists I have trusted with my own valued family members.  Dr Rahimi, Dr Lee and Dr Mellati are those specialists. They are highly experienced and technically gifted, they are very knowledgeable and lecture around the country but most importantly genuinely caring and humble individuals.

Their new state of the art clinic is jewel in the crown that will ultimately benefit all patients attending the clinic.

Dr Ellie Nazha

Complete Dental Care

As health practitioners, our roles come with a heavy responsibility to ensure all patients attain the best possible treatment and outcome. This in more complex cases, entails a multidisciplinary approach with specialist input and intervention. For this, I have my set of Dental Specialist to whom I refer, where I know my patients would have the optimal outcome and care. I have worked alongside Dr Rahimi and Dr Mellati for the management of patients where complex endodontic and periodontal surgeries were needed and I have not looked any further. They both provide a comfortable experience for my patients and use the latest in technology and evidence to produce quality work one can only be proud of. They further follow up on patients and referrers through effective and efficient communication means (written and phone calls).
I strongly recommend the use of these specialists.

Dr Thaer Skaf